Launching Soon! The Most Competitive IEO of Virie Market.

Amidst some controversies that surrounded the Virternity Project last year, the executive board has decided to push through with Virie coins and will soon be conducting an IEO to continue to finance its developments and promotions. As separate groups were working in the fulfillment of the mother project Virternity, the group working on Virie has continued in creating a robust and operational product that is ready for use right now. They have invested immense resources in the development of Virie and aims to further develop it. Contrary to the usual strategy of other projects in the market, they used their own finances to create the product and will only conduct the IEO now that the product is already available.

What is Virie?

Virie is not your ordinary payment instrument. It is a financial instrument for the market, the Virie Market. It is designed to be universally used in every transaction in the market. Everything is convertible to Virie, and Virie is convertible to everything.

What is Virie Market?

The Virie Market is a unique Distributed Exchange Network, which is equally accessible by anyone from anywhere. Its unique and most important feature is it’s a decentralized virtual marketplace. It’s the first and only blockchain product that actually works and is ready to use by anybody, including those who are not blockchain geeks. Taking the example from Satoshi Nakamoto, the Virie Market uses cryptography to ensure that transactions are untraceable and unlinkable. This eliminates fraud and the need for a third- party in mediating disputes therefore, saving costs from fees and commissions. It’s a peer-to-peer electronic payment system that is not governed by any entities therefore, everyone has the freedom to exchange anything for anything of value, without any interference from any third-party financial institutions.

IEO and promotions

Virie will be conducting the most competitive IEO in the market to raise more funds for conducting large-scale public relations campaigns in Asia, America, Oceania, and Europe to promote this product. The creators will start its fund-raising campaign in Russia and will progress to the CIS, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Northern Europe, then North America, then Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan. Funds raised during each round of progression will be used for promotion in the next market.


Virie Market is expected to be a game-changer in the digital market world with its unique features. It’s a combination of bitcoin’s strategy and its own innovation and modern technology that was used by its developers that will make a change. As funds continue to be raised, further enhancements will be done to make its functionality even better. With the creators who value freedom, Virie is a project to look out for, going forward. Download its most user-friendly interface platform here and see for yourself how it works.


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