It's Mind Blowing!

Hello there again my dears! Welcome to another mind blowing week of adventures and discoveries to the unknown. We will continue walking this path without leaving any stones unturned. There is still so much to discover about the creation of the Virtual World thru the Virternity Project and we will not stop unraveling until we know everything. Let's go ahead and begin this week's series with watching the video below.

It discusses the past, present and future of Virtual Reality. At 4:40, it started discussing the possibilities of being able to upload the mind in a computer. Prior to that, it showed a man who was able to move his paralyzed arm thru his thoughts that was connected to his arm thru a computer. Further down the video are the possibilities that may happen when the mind is fully uploaded into a computer.

But why am I showing you this? So that you will know that indeed, there are studies going on about mind uploading and that it is possible. So, are Virtual World and immortality really possible? I will leave that for you to think about. Meantime, I will show you whatever I discover so that you can all use your good judgement.

Now, let's fast forward to the future. What if indeed the Virtual World came true and that you now live in a Virtual World where you can live forever? Fast forward further, you have already been living there for let's say over 200 years. You have already achieved all your life goals. You have obtained numerous properties, you have traveled the world and space multiple times, your loved ones are all stable with their own lives and there seem to be nothing left for you to do anymore and kind of already bored about it.

Actually, these are quite the questions I have in mind. What if I already come to the point of boredom having been able to live my life to the fullest already and for a very long time in that Virtual World? So I tried to find the answer and Virternity has it. Apparently, if someone wants to die already, then he/she can just be deleted from the system. Remember that the people who will be transferred to the Virtual World will never have to experience the pains of dying? Same goes with deleting them from the system.

In that case, there will still be no pains of dying. It will be technologically easy deleting someone from the system as it is challenging to upload them. But I'm sure, you still have so many questions in mind about this whole thing like like the security and privacy of our data, human reproduction, maintenance of the physical body and so much more. We will find those out a little each day I promise.

Meantime, please do hit the heart button and drop me a comment or question in the comment box. I'll talk to you again tomorrow for more of this adventure to the unknown. Ciao'!


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