Isn't it Science Fiction?

Hello my dears! Hope you are all having an awesome day, or night, whichever part of the world you may be. Today as we continue to our journey to the unknown, we will discover more facts that most of you may still not know about the future in technology. Read along and be aware. Keep an open mind and do not be left behind. The world is changing right before your eyes so come along and let's continue walking this path together.

Yesterday, I have revealed to you my main source of all the information about a Virtual World that I have been talking about here, the Virternity project. For those of you who may have read it already, I can almost be sure that most of you thinks that it could be just Science Fiction but it is not. It is real, believe it or not and I will lay my cards to you today why I am confident that it is not "just" Science Fiction.

You all know that technologies like the internet, computers, virtual reality simulators, virtual reality devices, Augmented Reality etc. already exist, right? These are the technologies needed to create a Virtual World. This alone is enough reason to believe that it's not just Science Fiction. But why do I keep saying that it's not going to happen until at least another decade or so? Because the processing power and network bandwidth that we have today are not enough yet to be able to create an indistinguishable virtual reality more so maintain an immortal life there. Remember that we only have 4G being the highest bandwidth at the current time? In fact, there are even countries that are still on 3G, right?

However, there are continuous developments going on in this area and experts say that with the current pace, this obstacle will be overcome within 15 to 25 years from now. Once that happens, digitizing the function of the human brain to a complete extent will be done and as I've mentioned before, that would be the first step into entering the Virtual World. By mind uploading into a virtual space, the Virternity space.

Another challenge that they still have right now is the structure and harmonization of the architecture of mixed and shared reality of the Virternity space. Developments are also going on in this area and they are also looking at completing it within the same time frame of 15 to 15 years from now. Does it still look like Science Fiction to you or is it starting to look real now?

If you are still not convinced that it is indeed going to happen in the future, I think you should watch the video below. This is a compilation of facts and predictions that may lead you to believe that all these are real. In fact, some scientists even think that we may already be in that world of simulation, a Virtual World. Go ahead and see it for yourself.

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