I got Killed in London Last Night!!!

Welcome back my beloved readers of the Journey to the Unknown! Yes, I'm alive don't worry! I did get killed last night in London but that was just in the Virtual World. I did promise you an exciting and thrilling week wherein I would be sharing my adventures with you as I travel to the unknown worlds in Virtual Reality, right?

Please do note though that it's my choice to explore dangerous worlds so don't get it wrong. It always depend on you as to what kind of Virtual World you would want to explore. It could be something beautiful and breathtaking or it could be the other way around. For now, I choose the other way around so...are you ready for another heart pumping adventure? Let's go!

Last night, I wanted to just stay on Earth and find a nice place to relax after a hard day's work so I decided to go to London to perhaps find a good pub and have a drink or two before I go to bed. I've been to London several times before so I thought it would be a great idea to visit it again for a few minutes while sitting on my couch so I did and I was indeed transported there but things did not turn out the way I planned it to be...

Instead, I found myself sitting in a very dark room with a huge guy yelling at me like there's no tomorrow. His nose already poking mine and his saliva was giving my face a generous shower (eewww!). I could not even understand everything that he was saying because I was so confused! I was supposed to be in a pub enjoying my drink. Why the hell was I in that room with this giant?

The next moment, I was sitting face to face with someone who looked like a gangster boss all dressed up with shiny jewelries hanging around his neck. Long story short, he gave me an order to steal a diamond! What? Wait? Me to steal a diamond? No way! But Lo and Behold! There I was with this giant again in a car and we were being chased by a battalion of heavily armed men! What on earth is happening??? I was forced to return fire until I got everyone killed and their armored car exploded just a hairline away from my face! Yes, I did all those for the love of my life.

Then next thing I knew, I was already about to grab the diamond I was ordered to steal. A really huge and rare one I would have wanted to take it with me in the real world! But when I was just about to take it, another battalion of armed men started shooting at me so again, I had to return fire and got all of them killed (again)! My heart was jumping all over the place already and I was almost regretting I even went to London! Anyway, after all the shootings were done, I grabbed the diamond and the darkness enveloped me again.

Back in the dark room where I was brought the first time, the two gangsters started to fight (the giant and the boss). I took the opportunity and grabbed the handgun next to me and shot at them but with luck of all lucks, there was only one bullet that did not kill neither of them. The boss then turned to me and yelled asking where the diamond was! I don't know for God's sake! Without a world, he stabbed me on my head then there was darkness again. A complete scary darkness and that was all I could remember after the stabbing.

Whew! What an adventure! But hey, that's what I wanted, right? I was just glad I was able to get back to reality soon after but it did make my blood rush and imagine how difficult it was to get to sleep after that. lol!

If you liked my adventure today, please hit the heart button and drop me a word or two in the comment box. See you tomorrow for another thrilling adventure in the unknown Virtual Worlds! Ciao'!

NOTE: Video grabbed from YouTube


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