I Got Attacked by a Giant Shark!!!

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

Hello there my dear fellow travelers to the unknown! Hope you all had a great weekend and hoping for a great week ahead for all of us. This week, I will share with you first hand experiences to my own journey to the different Virtual Worlds. Go ahead and read so you will know that Virtual Worlds do exist but beware, I'm a bit of a risk taker so what lies ahead this week may not be for the faint of heart. Travel with me to the unknown at your own risk!

For the first of our series this week, I went back underwater and made some beautiful that turned out to be dangerous explorations. At first, all I saw was the beauty of the underwater virtual world. I swam with many different species of fish. Saw some giant clams showcasing their majestic black pearls. Got amazed with the sea turtles flying above me. Savored the beauty of colorful coral reefs. Ahh, it was such a wonderful experience having been able to immerse myself to the world that I've never been to before.

Then as I proceeded deeper into the ocean, I was taken to the twilight zone. Here, I started to already get chills as it became darker. It was still beautiful and marvelous but with the hint of fear chilling down my spine. Saw a couple of crabs that I wanted to cook as they were so huge lol! There was a pool of what looked like tuna to me that almost kissed me as they swam away right across my face. More fascinating species of coral reef dancing while my vessel created waves in the water. Then all of a sudden, complete darkness enveloped me! It got a little scarier but then, it was just a gateway to a marvelous orchestra of jellyfish shining away their lights. It was splendid!

But then, I was just beginning to have an adrenaline rush. I went deeper and deeper and deeper to the ocean until I've reached the midnight zone. This was when my journey to the unknown underwater world became dangerous that even my guide started to panic already. This is the level of the sea that no sunlight rays can reach anymore hence I was in total darkness. Thank goodness, the drones lit my way around. I came very close to an abandoned submarine which seemed to be keeping a secret or something. But the highlight of this experience was when a giant shark attacked me. Oh my goodness gracious! I thought my heart went out of my chest! I was so scared because the shark positioned to rip my head off! Thanks to my spare gas tank. The shark ripped it off instead. Then I was saved by the bell. My team pulled me up just when I was starting to have a panic attack. That shark was not stopping until he got the whole of me!

Whew! What an exploration! I wished for a riskier exploration and that's exactly what I got so for you all, be careful what you wish for. You don't know what lies ahead here in our journey to the unknown. On the other hand, is it not the beauty of it all?

Continue coming along with me here. I promise you more fun, exciting and thrilling travels every single day. If you like the experience, please drop me a word or two and hit the heart button. Until our next journey, see yah!

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