Human Reproduction in the Future

Greetings of another awesome and beautiful day y'all! Let's go ahead and continue discovering what the future holds for us. Let's dig even deeper beneath the mysteries of technology. Let's not stop unraveling the unknown as we walk this path in our pursuit of what's coming ahead and what's to expect. Come along for today's episode of what else are there with the Virternity Project.

At this point, some of you might have been wondering how would humans reproduce in the Virtual World. Will the population of human race be stopped once we transfer to the the Virternity Space? How can people meet their sexual desires that leads to having children if there are no physical bodies? What if their reason in transferring to the Virtual World is because they want to raise a family in a more sustainable and desirable manner?

Well, no worries because the plan is to have a shared reality which I believe I might have already mentioned in one of my previous posts here. That means that to be able to have children, meeting in physical reality will still take place. The desire for sexual meetings and having children will still be done the way it is now and though the plan is to transfer all types of works in the Virtual World eventually, at first, some people will still work outside which may include surgeons and obstetricians.

This is so because the presumption is that the mother will spend more time in the physical reality during the gestation period and the stay in the Virtual World at this time will become just a form of a vacation like going on an out of town trip or by the seaside. This children, once born, will primarily be live actively in the physical world until their nervous system is fully developed to be transferred to the Virtual World.

Albeit they said that conceiving completely and entirely in the digital world may be quite likely, it is not yet part of the plan as of the current structure of the project. But the jobs I've mentioned above may be eventually be performed by high precision robots that will be guided by their human counterpart from the virtual world. This is because they are looking into the fact that someday, the boundaries between the physical and virtual world will be dissolved.

Still sounds fantastical, right? Don't worry, you're not alone. I feel that way too at times but I think, we have to give them the benefit of the doubt because this group working on this project looks like dead serious about it. They have already spent millions of dollars over the past two years that this project has been going on. They are even starting to invite people now to invest to it so that they will already have a share in the Virternity space once it's fully developed. We will discuss more about that in the coming days.

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