How to Freely Move Money Across Borders and Around the World

Moving money across borders, and around the world for that matter, is highly important not just for the economic-financial and social development, but individuals and small business owners, as well. But certain limitations and restrictions, such as the costs, laws, and regulations, and time frame inevitably close doors to the international workers, business owners, and even customers. That’s not even to mention the political barrier between countries, as well as the ongoing financial crisis to some of them.

Let’s take the case of Brazil and Colombia, for instance. Yes, you can send investment dollars between these two countries, but you have to be extremely careful when you register for the incoming funds. Failure to comply with the protocol and paper works might lead to complications and potentially much higher taxes than usual. This restricts any potential investors who might as well look somewhere else to put their money into.

Then there are the fees. Whatever platform you choose to send money to someone across borders, or in any part of the world, the fees will certainly kill you. I know someone who had recently lost almost $100 from PayPal fees for the payment of her services sent to her from overseas. That’s a lot! And of course, let's not forget to mention that there are too many countries where there are certain prohibitions or full restrictions for making international transfers, such as Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, Cuba, Crimea Region of Ukraine, and many more.

There’s a growing concern on how to be able to move money across borders without restrictions and so many fees. As mentioned, these restrictions cause economic restraints both to countries and their residents. What if a member of your family who is in Iran is in dire need of emergency funds? How will you be able to send him money with all those limitations and high cost of fees? The resolution is Virie Market. The purpose of the Virie Market project is to achieve a free market in its pure form, so that people could exchange whatever they want for whatever they want, using whatever means of payment they want, without limitations such as borders, tariffs, licenses, etc.

So that a family from the Philippines could receive money from relatives in Spain, and an Internet gamer could receive his game winnings in Argentina. So that someone from Japan could easily purchase a film or book from France, while someone in China could buy a video camera from the US. So that any person could freely, without limitation or commissions, sell his or her work online, in any corner of the world having electricity and the Internet. Currently, taxes and tariffs must be paid, and many products can’t be delivered to certain other countries. Middlemen take large commissions. Virie Market has the lowest fee for all your transactions and doesn't use middlemen.

The issue of taxes looms large with remote work and earnings – frequently earnings are taxed by both the country of the employer and that of the employee, something that is disadvantageous to the employer because it reduces the possibilities for working across the globe. Virie Market eliminates all these limitations and allows you to freely move money across borders and around the world. It’s time to discover the benefits of this free market in its purest form. Download the application here and begin your journey to freedom.


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