How Powerful is Virie Against Strong Institutions?

Virie is a completely decentralized virtual market place (Distributed Exchange Network), which makes it powerful against intrusion and oppression from any strong institutions such as banks, corporations, and governments. As long as there is internet, and as long as the users can exchange short messages, goods, services, and currencies, Virie will continue to the function of its network while still being able to maintain its security features. Virie provides anyone in the world who has internet access, the capability of sending any reasonable amount of value of any type of currency, for instance, from $100 to $1 billion, or 100 VRE to 1 billion VRE. They can send this to anyone wherever in the world in just a matter of a few minutes. The transaction fees for doing it is a lot lower compared to wire transfers or any other bank fees. And the best thing about it is that this can be done without a need for any help or permission from any bank or any third party government.

People who are using Virie with their transactions do not have to worry in case the company who operates the payment system ceases operations in instances such as when the government shuts it down, or it goes bankrupt. This is because Virie does not belong to any company or organization, and it's fully operational on its own based on the rules of protocol, hence it’s impossible to close or shut it down. Virie provides the security of your payment network and is free from any circumstance of ceasing to incentivize operations. The government has no way of connecting any Virie address to any person or entity even if we assume that they know that it exists. They will not know even a rough estimate of geographical location.

Virie is powerful against the intrusions and oppression of the banks, corporations, and the government. In a nutshell, Virie’s decentralized method of payment frees it from any country’s restrictions and is fully independent of any governance. It’s slowly making its way to the market now and is predicted to follow the trend that bitcoin started decades ago. Imagine the intrusions and oppression that happen in this physical world if Bitcoin was not invented. If someone sends quite a hefty amount of let’s say $30 million to someone who is in Pakistan, through a wire transfer. The bank will most likely intrude and question the legality of the source of the money that was being transferred. Or let’s say you’re traveling, and you are carrying more than $10K. You will have to go through a series of questioning by the authorities and worst if you are going to a country like Cuba, for instance. With bitcoin, these scenarios don’t happen, and neither is with Virie. The creators of Virie Market values freedom most of all, and that is what they are providing to everyone. Prove it to yourself and download Virie’s most user-friendly software application here. Its source code is open to all.


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