How Powerful is the Technology of Online Stores?

Centralized online stores use the technology of the internet that run through their own local server. This is a server that runs in a local folder with a document root that is not a parent root. The online stores need to do their own development to be able to copy their sources to the server. This gives them full control over everything that runs through their local server, including data and information of both the buyers and the sellers, and all the transactions within their internet stores.

So, the answer to the question of how powerful this technology is for online stores depends on the underlying message of the question. Of course, to the owners of these centralized online stores such as Amazon, having a local server that they own means having power in everything. But if the question is completed as “How powerful this technology of online stores against vulnerabilities?” is a completely different story. While it’s true that having a centralized network means that with effective management, it can control speed, flexibility, reorganization, and of course, customer service, security is a critical element in this system.

Servers need consistent checking, updating, and monitoring. Regularly, you will have to do changes in users, email addresses, and permissions. Someone from the company needs to have extensive knowledge in technology to keep up with these demands. If the server crashes or shuts down, it will cost the company quite a big amount of money. And this also means that it is vulnerable to having a single point of failure. It’s easy to steal or lose the key to a central filing cupboard, and if that happens, the entire network will suffer horribly. There will be outages, lots of downtimes, crashes, and it may even shut down completely. In other words, the technology that centralized online stores use is not that powerful against vulnerabilities.

What’s powerful is the technology that decentralized online stores use, where the platform is the entire network as a whole. It doesn’t use a single-owned local server that is fully controlled by a single expert, therefore, is prone to a single point of failure. Instead, a decentralized system is run by a network of participants that no one can control or shut down, therefore, a single point of failure is unlikely to happen. This further means that there will be no outages, no downtime, no crashes whatsoever because even if there is one node that goes down for some reason, the entire network will still work perfectly well. So, regardless of how many users are doing their online shopping at the same time, the application remains up and running. That’s how powerful the technology of decentralized online stores are! That’s how powerful Virie Market is!


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