How it is to be an Alien...

Hi there again my dears! Have you ever wondered how it is to be an alien? I have, several times so, to satisfy my curiosity, I became an alien last night. I was expecting it to be another exhilarating experience to fulfill my cravings for extreme adventures to the unknown and it did! Let's go ahead and begin.

I started my adventure as an alien boarded in a powerful all-terrain alien aircraft. Seeing my hands with only three long fingers each got me a little creep out. Well, I wanted to be an alien for a while so I guess, I had to set aside how I looked like at that moment (lol). Anyway, I had to move fast and fly that aircraft as soon as I could because my planet was about to explode so I gathered my wits together and started the engine.

But then, boom!!! There were explosions everywhere and I got trapped in my mother ship! I had to shoot my way out with my heavily armed aircraft and started shooting all locks with my beams and lasers. One down, two down, three down until all of the locks were torn into pieces. I flew my way out through flying debris and rocks as fast as I could that it got me a little dizzy. Controlling that aircraft was not an easy thing to do I must say.

I continued flying until I found another planet good enough for me to land and so I did. It was dark, chilling, and extra ordinarily calm. I had to be on foot to navigate this strange planet. At some point, I even had to run lest someone or something was following me. I kept going and going until I was almost running out of breath. Then I reached the dead end and the only way out was to leap from one floating mountain to the other. How on earth will I leap into these mountains, not to mention they were floating??? But I had no choice!

I leaped and leaped and leaped! Each floating mountain was a promise of escape. The last mountain I leaped into at that point looked like something I could rest for a while but no! There were alien creatures crawling everywhere towards me! I had to use my shooting prowess again. Shoot there, shoot here, shoot all around until I was sure I was safe. Finally, I was able to kill them all! Good job to me. Now I could rest for a while. There is still a very long journey ahead. To whatever I'm headed was still unknown to me...

Ahhh that was indeed another thrilling and exciting adventure that once again woke up the adventurer in me! I was dead tired after that but I had a smile on my face when I went to sleep. So that is how it was to be an alien. Curiosity and craving satisfied!

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NOTE: Video grabbed from YouTube


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