Fly a Jet Using your Mind!

Welcome back to our journey to the unknown!

Since we're at it, let's continue flying and this time we will be using a jet. We will fly high like the military does but don't worry. We will just stay where we are while flying so no need to worry about being hit by any bombs or bullets so sit back and relax as I explain this to you.

Remember my other blog where I discussed about Virtual Reality games that won't need controllers but just the power of the brain? The telekinesis kind of thing? The BCI or Brain Computer Interface? Yup, that's the one! It's the same technology that is being used to fly these military jets.

Back in the days, the soldiers will have to be physically deployed to the war zones while flying these jets and how many fallen soldiers had already been there in the history because of this, right? In the present time, we will be able to avoid losing some more of our brave soldiers. They can now fly a jet and drop a bomb in a war zone without the danger of being killed in the process. They can just sit in an office while controlling the jets by just using their mind and they can even control multiple planes and drones by using the BCI technology. Telekinesis to the highest level indeed!

There's a catch though! It will require electrodes to be implanted in the brain therefore is risky for those who have not gone through any brain electrodes before or at least already had reason to undergo surgery. That means that there will be very limited number of soldier who can go through this procedure.

The good news is, they are now working on making a device with similar capabilities but it’ll look more like an EEG cap that the pilot can take off once a mission is done. Sounds fair enough, right? Although it might take a little while longer to complete this project, at least there is something for our great soldiers to look forward to in the near future.

The future looks promising with technology, do you agree? There is still so much more that we will be able to discover until we already know everything that we need to know from the unknown so don't give up. Just stay with me and I promise you even more exciting discoveries to unfold here...

Until then, ciao'!


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