Exchanges Overflow with Shrewd Conflicts but Not Virie!

An exchange simply means any institution or organization hosting a market where trading of stocks, options and futures, bonds, goods, services, currencies, and other financial instruments. These exchanges impose rules and regulations on the brokers and firms that do business with them, which complicates the matter. Albeit, their justification about this is that it’s to ensure fair and orderly trading and to efficiently disseminate price information for any trading in that exchange. In other words, exchanges are a platform where individuals, organizations, governments, and other groups, trade commodities, securities, currencies, etc.

Most of these exchanges are centralized, which makes them overflow with shrewd conflicts. Some of them offer leverage trading, which is the ability to trade more money than what is available on deposit. Yes, investors can make money quite fast with this, but they can lose it much faster too, resulting in them being indebted to the platform. Unfortunately, this service attracts more investors, which, therefore, had become an important part of the growth of those exchanges offering such a service. But clearly, it doesn’t work for everyone.

To complicate matters, even more, centralized exchanges are very much prone to network security breaches, mostly in the form of hacking. Despite the increased sense of awareness about this, most of these exchanges suffer at least one hack per month over recent years. Hacking is on the rise, which makes the investors take necessary precautions to decrease their susceptibility to such hacks. They have to be much more diligent in choosing which exchange platform they should be using. More and more investors are now considering shifting to decentralized platforms to avoid losing more of their hard-earned money from network security breaches.

If these are not enough conflicts yet, how about the fact that there is a different exchange platform for each type of trade? If you want to trade stocks, then you have to go to a stock exchange. If you want to trade currencies, then you have to go to a currency exchange, or a cryptocurrency exchange, if you’re trading cryptocurrencies. If you want to trade bonds, futures, or options, there are exchanges dedicated to them only. If you want to trade commodities, then you have to go to platforms specific to this type of trades, such as e-commerce. If you are someone who is planning to invest in trading for the first time, it will take you months, perhaps even years, to study which one should you put your money into.

All these conflicts overflow in exchanges but not with Virie Market. It’s a distributed exchange network (DEN) that is not controlled by any third-party institutions, banks, or governments. It’s decentralized, which means that no brokers are needed to do any trading. This further means that hacking is impossible. It’s the most uncomplicated exchange platform given the fact that everything can be exchanged for anything of value in any part of the world. Deciding which one to trade is a thing of the past because Virie Market has everything. From currencies to goods and services, literally, everything is available here. It also won’t take you long to learn how to trade in Virie because it has the most user-friendly interface. With just a few clicks and a few minutes, your business is all set! Its source code is open for everyone so, download it here to see it for yourself.


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