Ensure Your Financial Freedom with Virie

On a scale of 1 to 10, where do you rate your desire for financial freedom?

In simple terms, what does financial freedom mean to you?

The most generic definition of financial freedom means never having to worry about your assets and finances in order to live a secured life.

Now let me ask the same question from a different perspective. Do you think our current system encourages financial freedom or is it just an illusion?

The need is for a system that is accessible, transparent, with subliminal transaction fees, and one that does not rely on third party agents. However, in the current scenario, markets and financial institutions are exactly opposite of this vision. While banks charge us for giving them business, intermediaries manipulate the exchange and charge us heaps of money.

This article is an insight into how the Virie Platform aims to generate the wave of change through inclusivity and independence. A project that initiates radical transformation of markets by adopting a decentralized ecosystem. A marketplace that facilitates peer-to-peer trading and exchanges eliminating centralized control and ensures financial freedom of its participants.

Decentralized Markets

When Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin, the objective was to create a decentralized financial system that enables financial freedom. Blockchain became its underpinning technology and took a growth curve of its own. Today, Blockchain technology is touted as the most disruptive invention post the Internet. It has handled the criticism well and has compelled even the haters to join this revolution. With Blockchain’s globalized offerings in the financial arena, talk about decentralized finance is catching up pace.

Decentralization’s power and capabilities can be estimated from how effectively ‘Internet’ has changed our lives ever since its inception.

The internet was designed with a primary aim to provide a global platform for protecting freedom of expression and communication. It encouraged positive developments, improved usability, and enabled billions of people to discover information, content, ideas and innovations that were once out of reach. It transformed the way we connect, live and work.

However, it also paved way for corporate-controlled mega platforms that essentially started controlling that which conceptually should be free. The internet ever since has faced consistent stifling from organizations as well as monopolies.

The above scenario highlights two sides of development.

- One that ensures a fair growth for all

- The second where few people get to control what is to happen

Which one would you prefer if given a choice?

Most would vote for the former, growth-oriented environment that gives people the right to make choices and act according to their conditions. In short, the decentralized ecosystem.

The proponents of decentralization claim that it is the only alternate to redundant conventional systems by leveraging distributed networks and transforming the financial systems into trustless protocols that are globally accessible by everyone at any given time. Such systems seek financial freedom irrespective of your geography or financial health. A system that ensures you have a say when it comes to choosing your financial preferences. Right at this point, is where The Virie Project comes into picture.

Virie offers you the freedom to choose

Recently, there has been a surge in excitement with the introduction of Virie and its solutions. Virie is fundamentally an extension of blockchain driven decentralization and it is set to transform our perception of markets and the way we transact or exchange.

Inspired by the legendary Satoshi Nakamoto’s objective of developing a free and fair market, the Virie Project offers an innovative and ambitious platform – The Virie Market.

This platform addresses several shortcomings of existing systems, such as weaknesses of the trust-based model, distrust between buyers and sellers, fraud and third-party interference. Virie believes that the most obvious step in this regard is the decentralization of economic markets. Not globalization in its current form, but rather a market truly open to all. A multi-faceted platform that encourages inclusiveness and offers financial freedom through its reforming characteristics:

- High Liquidity and Capital Accessibility: The most common example of how our dependency on financial institutions is controlled are Banks.

Banks decide everything related to financial services, from whom they fund to offering loans based on personal funds. In short, Banks control everything that offers financial autonomy.

Virie Market as a decentralized system is an alternative platform, where you can choose which currency you want to transact in, what commodities you want to exchange, and most importantly, it offers you total control and access to your assets and transactions.

This means that you have the sole decision making power on how you wish to use your funds for trading and investment at your own will at any time you wish.

- Borderless Transactions: Today people talk about digitized globalization and yet let banks charge for international transactions. As if their high conversion charges were not enough already.

The Virie platform cuts off all the unnecessary and bothering restrictions and regulations. In simple terms, you need not worry about what settlement services are available in the said location and about the fees, taxes and duties imposed on multiple exchanges. Virie Market is a practical and ready to use platform that exemplifies true globalization by expanding and opening global trade and by stimulating growth.

- Transparency: Financial institutions have been controlling every aspect of our finances, yet we know so less about how they function and what happens to all the information they collect from us.

The financial disaster of 2007 led to a major distrust in these centralized institutions especially because of their inability to share the causes and details with integrity.

The Virie Market addresses this issue through an open source network where records and transactions are not only immutable but also transparent. A feature that makes the Virie platform a trusted ‘trustless’ solution.

Virie network never asks you for any personal information and ensures the integrity of transactions through its innovative and smart protocols like Escrow. The Escrow protocol ensures that all parties in the deal adhere to the rules of the community and discourages fraud and theft by making it counterproductive. It has an automated process that eliminates intermediaries and their underlying evils.

Virie encourages inclusiveness

The Virie network believes in inclusiveness and thus treats all participants as equals. An unbiased platform that gives every participant a fair and independent choice to growth. This feature is strengthened through Virie’s simple and easy to operate application. The Virie application encourages even those who do not understand the complexities of the blockchain world through its user-friendly and well descriptive application and self-help reference material.

It is a power packed vision with an equally powerful setup that offers the users an unprecedented pool of options to choose from. Download the application now and choose your financial freedom with the Virie Market.


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