Don't you Wish your Loved One/s Never Died?

Welcome back my dear readers and fellow travelers to our journey to the unknown! Hope you had a chance to visit your departed loved ones yesterday. Me and my family went to visit my dad's grave yesterday. I once shared here a personal anecdote of how he was taken away from us quite abruptly ( And when we paid him a visit yesterday, it all came back to me once again.

Along with the memories of how my dad was killed, came back the thoughts of what if the virtual world already existed back then? What if we were able to download his mind into the virtual space before it all happened? If we did, it would have been a lot easier for us to have found who his killers were. He could have told everything to us , in whole actuality while we listen to him in our home in the virtual world but most of all, we wouldn't have to visit his grave anymore because there would be no grave. He would still be living with us until now and perhaps until forever, in the virtual world.

With all these in mind, I want to hold on the promise of this Virternity project. We still have my mom and we certainly don't want to lose her forever and so is each member of the family. According to them, they want to avoid the actual death of the human identity and that they want to achieve the situation where the digital copy of "us" begins a new life even after the death of the original.

They said that in essence, humans will establish their own personal identity by learning to exist simultaneously first in both realities, material and virtual. After which, they will fully migrate to virtual reality and only later on disconnect from the original body when it's already failing. It could have been so applicable to my dad's situation but unfortunately, he was taken away from us quite too early.

But now, there's hope for my mom, my whole family and to all of us who are still living today. As they said, all the technologies needed to create the virtual world already exist. Reading the electrical signals of the cerebral cortex, technology to record an experience (audio-video recording using augmented reality devices), technology for storing and accessing data etc. It's only a matter of time until all these technologies, speeds, volumes, capacities, are combined to form the virtual world.

I am truly hopeful for this. Having to see a loved one die again, is something I would never ever want to experience, again, so I will wait for this Virternity Project to complete. Don't you think you should too?

Meantime, please hit the heart button and comment or ask in the comment box. Continue walking this journey with me. There is still so much more that we will discover together in this Journey to the Unknown. Until next time. Ciao'!


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