Decentralization and Blockchain Technology are Powerful Allies

Over the years, globalization seems to have been a huge step into the global economic revolution. For so long, it appeared to have been the key for people all over the world to be interconnected with each other than ever before. Modern technologies made it possible for communication and trading to happen in almost real-time. Globalization made goods and services produced in one part of the world available to other parts of the world at any given time. Thanks to the rise of the giant online stores like Amazon and eBay. Traveling internationally became frequent. Information and money flow became quicker than they never had before. Globalization had taken the economic growth in a storm. But what has been happening along the way are eye-openers for many economists to realize that it’s decentralization and not globalization, that is the next obvious step to a democratic global economy.

Virie Market is created by a group of believers of a free market who prefer to keep their anonymity just like the legendary figure of Satoshi Nakamoto. It is a decentralized marketplace where anyone from any part of the world and all walks of life, can exchange anything for anything of value. It’s a peer-to-peer network system without middlemen, control, or restrictions from any government or corporation. It is expected to serve as a jumpstart to an economic decentralization. It will be interesting to see how the world economy will change for the better in the coming years.

Virie uses modern-day blockchain technology and cryptography. When trading is done using the blockchain technology, it creates a free market where anyone in the world can buy and sell anything they want without borders, tariffs, commissions, taxes, licenses, limitations, or any other “regulations.” This doesn’t only make it cost-efficient that even small scale businesses can afford it, due to the elimination of middlemen. It is most importantly, going to eliminate any controls from the bigger scale businesses and governments, thus providing equal rights to everyone. Without any third-party getting in the way, there will be a freer and more liquid economy.

If an abstraction of value will be done broadly, there will be a massive opportunity to optimize industries. Any traffic caused by verification through legacy infrastructure will be eliminated by self-verifying blockchain ledgers. This will bypass any form of human intervention, which eradicates any threat of scamming or fraud. Blockchain systems provide a more secure environment for the ecosystems of marketplaces. The ledgers of the blockchain automatically log sensitive information using cryptography. This, when combined with the decentralized structure of storing data, eradicates any risk of cyber-attack efficiently. There will be no manipulation of data as the algorithm organizes and stores information in a way that cannot be corrupted or prejudiced in a specific direction.

As the blockchain technology continues to innovate, Virie Market will continue to evolve too. Although right now, it is already well developed and useful, but after the crowdfunding, we will see further improvements to its already great technologies and features. Virie Market is expected to lead the economic freedom in the years to come, which will further reiterate that the next obvious step is decentralization and not globalization. Download it here and see for yourself how pleasurable it is to work with Virie.


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