Connecting the Brain and the Computer

It's Friday once again my dears! It has been a great week of exciting adventures to the unknown secrets of technology that you now know simply by reading my stories here. I am glad about all the mysteries that we have uncovered so far and I'm sure that there's still a lot that we are yet to unravel. As I always say, let's not be blinded about the things that are coming our way so come on, let continue our journey.

For the last episode of this week, we will shy away a little from the Virternity Project. We will instead discover how the first step to transferring into a Virtual World can be done - by connecting the brain to a computer. Upon reviewing my past write ups here, I realized that I've already discussed with you the possibilities and benefits of mind uploading into a computer, but never how it's done.

Well, of course, I am not a scientist so I will discuss it with you in a manner that we will both understand. I chose the video below as it shows and explains a simple analogy about connecting the brain to a computer using a, errmm, well, a banana. And if you get to watch it, yes, it discusses the process from Elon Musk's perspective so thanks to him (lol!)

Elon calls his project "Neural Lace". According to him, He said that with the help of brain implants that are connected to a computer, it can help improve human functions and even one day, download the thoughts or upload the thinking of others. It can also help cure certain diseases like epilepsy and Parkinson's. Hmmm... interesting...

Well, come to think of it, computers and brains do have a lot of similarities. Both have their parts function by sending signals to each other. Both have circuits that are connected to each other and to all other components and there's a lot more but they also have differences. Computers act on logic while the brains act on emotions. The creativity of computers come from preset algorithms while the creativity of the brains come from imagination. With all these said, Elon thinks that the highway to connect the two is some sort of chip to be implanted in the brain.

Well, I hope that somehow we get the picture of one of the ways how it may be done although, I would like to add a disclaimer that this is not indeed how it will be done for sure. It's still an experiment for now and there may be other ways that we may discover as we go along in our journey. For now, please hit the heart button and talk to me in the comment box. Have a great weekend everyone. Ciao'!


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