Bridging Now and the Future!

How fast the days go by! It's the midweek now and I'm pretty sure that you all have been busy so far like I am. Well, a productive day is always worth it but it even gets better whenever the day ends and you run home to catch a good dinner. But before anything else, come along with me first for another 2 minute read episode in our Journey to the Unknown.

So far, we've have been discovering quite a lot about the virtual world project called Virternity and of course, its currency Virie which is the focus of this week's discussion here. Yesterday, we've learned that it will be used as the basis of the crowdfunding campaign for proceeding with the project. The development of this cryptocurrency has been funded by the founders of the Virternity which proves that their team is capable of producing such a complex technology as Virie.

However, the completion of this project means the need for more funding obviously and the founders seek to obtain it from individuals and not large corporation for reasons I've already stated previously. Whoever chooses to support the project financially and decides to contribute will automatically receive a piece of the future in the form of virtual currency. But again, why would I support it?

Well, aside from wanting to have a chance of being able to live in the virtual world in the future, which I'm sure, many of you are still skeptical about, Virie will have real immanent value. Like any other cryptocurrencies, it can also be used in exchange of goods and services and of course, it will serve as a gateway to the fusion of material and virtual worlds.

The crowdfunding thru advance sales of Virie and future economic initiatives involving the cryptocurrency will provide financing for the next stages of the project. Those who are buying it will be able to support the project by using the currency in their financial dealings in the current time and by continuous use of it, gives the project continuous support as well. And of course, the big part of the presale will go directly to the development of Virternity.

And so there you have what I meant when I said it's win win with Virie. You buy it, you automatically get a share of the future plus you get to use it with your financial transactions without having to wait for the virtual world to be completed. It's bridging now and the future and you will be able to be an instrument to make it happen. Hmmmm....sounds interesting but I'll research more about this whole thing so please stay tuned.

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