Billionaires believe in it!

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

And so our journey continues…

Did you know that even Google believes that immortality can be achieved very soon that they have funded a multi billion worth of project to find the technology that will bring them to their goal - to never die?

Oh! And by the way, Ray Kurzweil is the Director of Engineering of Google. Do you see the connection now? He said that immortality will be achieved by 2029 when nano-bots are created that can swim through our bodies to fight disease. Bold and daring as he has always been huh? But we already know that by now based on my previous post, right?

But don’t be surprised with what I’m going to tell you next…

Google’s co founder Sergey Brin also believes that immortality can be achieved thru technology and science. As a matter of fact, he invested over 1 billion US dollars for the “longevity lab” called Calico. Surprising huh? But wait, there’s more! He had also distributed 25 million dollars for the launch of the National Academy of Medicine's Grand Challenge in Health Longevity as part of this endeavor. Now that’s a lot of money indeed!

Here’s more! Ever heard of Peter Thiel, the co founder of Paypal and Palantir? And Jeff Bezos, the founder, Chairman and CEO of Amazon? They too have shelled out 116 million US dollars for this project. Whoa!

If all goes well, they won't age, either, or not past a certain point. Slowing or stopping that process is the current focus of biochemist Ned David, co-founder of Unity Biotechnology, who is 49 but, according to them, looks 30. The scientist's youthfulness is part of his appeal apparently.

Now, this gets me thinking, they really must have such faith in the success of all this longevity and immortality thru technology for them to invest such huge amount of money on this.

Should I start believing on it too? Should I consider the possibilities of having an extended life in the future? Should you?

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