Beware of the Circus!!!

Welcome to yet another exhilarating experience in our continuous journey to the unknown! Today is the second to the last of our thrilling yet exciting series to the Virtual Worlds that only a few would dare to enter so come on, join me as I my blood rushed thru my veins and my heart pumped like hell where I thought I actually was.

I used to like going to the circus when I was little. My granddad used to take me to circus when I was about 5 or 6 years old where clowns were seen as funny looking guy with his red nose and wide red tinted smiling lips. Rides that I thought could fly me to the sky. And those colorful cotton candies, yum! But one thing that had always made me curious was the horror train ride. My granddad never allowed me to try it because he said I was too young for it which just made me even curious. A few years later, my granddad passed away and my visits to the circus stopped abruptly.

At a very young age, I still could not understand what was going on but I knew I was sad. I was just not sure if it was because I would never see my granddad again or if it was because I would never get back to the circus again. Years went by but my curiosity for the horror train ride had just stayed behind my mind but never went away.

Last night, I dreamed of my granddad taking me in the circus again and this time, he allowed me to go for the horror train ride. I woke up and alas! It was just a dream so I grabbed my VR headset and off I went for the ride, this time it was going to be for real!

As the engine of the train started, I also started to get chills down my spine. It was eerie as hell and as the ride continued, there they were. Creatures from the unknown kept blocking my way I had to shoot them so the train could continue moving. Decomposing zombies with dried blood all over them, unrecognizable species of monster birds, cursed dolls like Annabelle, a giant guy with a huge ax running towards me, horrific skeletons just hanged above my head, and yes, not to forget that monstrous clown giving out his devilish laughter! And there were many more creatures even worst than your worst nightmare!

The ride ended with a doctor preparing to give me shot. No wait! I wasn't insane! Those were all real! My heart was still thudding wildly at this point and whole body was still shaking and sweating then there was complete darkness...

Whew! That was a ride of a lifetime. I got scared, I got nervous and my blood pressure must have shoot up for a while but hey! That was another discovery of the unknown and my curiosity has finally been satisfied. My granddad could finally rest in peace for sure.

If you enjoyed our ride today, please click the heart button and drop me a word or two in the comment section. Join me again tomorrow as I bring you the last of our series of thrilling adventures to the unknown Virtual Worlds. Ciao'!


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