Be Albert Einstein!

Greetings once again. We are going deeper and deeper to the unknown each day. I hope that I am being able to give light to the darkness in knowledge that you may probably have in the corner of your mind.

Now that we already know who is the father of Virtual Reality technology, we will continue to discover its many wonders. Let's go ahead and start walking forward.

How would you like the idea of being able to experience being Albert Einstein? Yes, Virtual Reality can make you do that. But that's not all. It's not just about the experience. Study shows that experiencing being Albert Einstein helps improve scores in cognitive tests. That means, their mental well being improved just thru the stimulation in the brain that they are Einstein.

Virtual reality can give you the illusion of substituting your own body with a virtual body. It's called Virtual Embodiment. Virtual Reality environment is highly immersive which creates a very powerful illusion that the virtual body is your own.

In the future, we may see more people improving with their own skills depending on who and what they want to be. If someone wants to be a singer, she would probably be Mariah Carey in the Virtual body. If someone wants to be a basketball player, he would probably be Stephen Curry.

Who know what else this technology can bring forth? We will discover those together. Let's hold hands as we continue walking on our journey here...


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