Artificial Intelligence in our Daily Lives - Part 2

Hello there once again and welcome to our second episode in this week's travel to the unknown. As promised, today I will show you a few more of the smart phones that you probably have but don't realize that they actually have AIs in it. Curios already? Let's go then!

If you live somewhere in Asia, most probably you own a Huawei smart phone, right? If that is Huawei Mate 10 Pro or Honor View 10, then don't be surprised if I tell you that those have AI chip in it that has a function on their camera app that can identify an object in a photo and adjust the camera's parameters to capture the ideal image. The camera can identify people, food, text, animals, or a portrait. But that's not all! It also has HiVoice which is their answer to Siri and Google Assistant. Cool huh?

Then there is one that just joined the bandwagon. LG also now has an AI in one for their most current releases, LG V30 Alpha (LG V30+α). It has a Bixby like AI assistant called LG lens. It is also linked to its camera so it can perform various tasks like recognizing objects in images, surfacing relevant products and their prices, translating foreign languages, offering AR guides based on GPS locations, and recognizing barcodes and QR codes. It also has Google Assistant features which follows your voice commands.

Okay, so those are the smart phones that already have their AI assistants installed. But what if you don't own any of those phones including the ones I've discussed yesterday? Don't worry, you can always download one. If your phone has Windows 10, which is quite likely, then you can download Cortana which will also follow your voice command like a Google Assistant and has also has similar features like Bixby of Samsung and Siri of Apple. Happy now?

But wait, here's more! Amazon also has Alexa, the counterpart of Siri and Bixby but since they don't produce phones, you have to install it in your own smart phone. Primarily used for shopping in Amazon, it can support voice-activated ordering and package tracking. Not bad, right? It's hands free online shopping and all you need is to talk to it and it will follow whatever command you say.

So there you have it for our two part episode on Artificial Intelligence being part of our daily lives. As we continue walking thru our journey to the unknown, there will be more technological discoveries that we will unravel here so just stay tuned.

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