Artificial Intelligence in our Daily Lives

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Welcome to another exciting week of mind blowing discoveries as we continue to walk thru the path of the unknown. This week, we will discover the technologies that you may think are yet to happen when in fact, they already co-exist with us. Some of you may already know that they are there but probably may have not been paying attention to what they really are. This week, we will get to realize it and say to ourselves "Oh, so that's what they are!" or "Oh, they already exist!". Let's go ahead and start discovering them.

For today's episode, I will help you realize that they co-exist with us already simply because smart phones do. Who among us in this page right now does not have a smart phone? Chances are, you are reading my blog on your smart phone, right? But did you know that that very same phone you are using now is most likely to have an AI (Artificial Intelligence) in it? Surprised? I know that you know they are there but just didn't realize that it's AI. Most people often think of robots when AIs are discussed but nope my dears. These are not AI robots we are talking about here.

If you have an Apple iPhone, chances are, you know Siri. Yup! That's an AI right there and has been around since 2010. It checks basic information for you, organizes your calendar, searches the internet and do a lot of other basic things for you like calling someone, just thru voice recognition technology. It's your basic personal assistant so to speak.

Samsung on the other hand has Bixby. If your Samsung phone is one of the latest ones, like Galaxy S8, Galaxy note 8 or Galaxy S9, then you certainly have this AI in your phone. Unlike Siri, Bixby can not only perform actions thru your voice command but can also perform hands-free functions, such as opening an application or setting an alarm clock. Bixby also has a vision that users can learn details about objects and locations, find out how to purchase items they see in the real world, and translate languages, among many other tasks. Amazing, right?

And if you don't have those two above mentioned smart phones, I am definitively sure that whatever smart phone you have right now has a Google Assistant. You know, the one who will follow your voice command once you first say "Hey Google!" . Have you not done it with your phone multiple times already. "Hey Google! Find me the best restaurant around!" Ah, you've done that, haven't you? That's right! It's an AI too!

Realizing now how long have you been living your daily lives with AIs? Don't worry, I just realized it too so that's not really bad realizing it late but wait until tomorrow when I will tell you more smart phones that already have AIs in it because if you don't have the ones I've mentioned today, you might have one of those that I will tell you tomorrow.

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