Anonymity and Freedom in Virie Market

Amidst controversies surrounding the privacy of the transactions done on centralized markets, the Virie market guarantees full protection, privacy, and confidentiality of all transactions and the parties doing the transactions. For the free market to become truly possible in this world, the anonymity of the users and their transactions should be of utmost importance, and that is exactly what the Virie Market is all about.

Despite efforts made by some blockchain community in the past, no one has ever been successful in creating such a market, where no one can delete or alter any transactions, and where no one can intrude your privacy, until now. From the moment that you download the Virie Market application, you’ll immediately know what I’m talking about. You will not be required to submit any IDs nor any personal information. All you have to do is download and install it, and that’s it! You can opt to set a password to protect your account, or you can create multiple backup accounts in case the original gets destroyed, lost, or stolen. And even if it does, what have you got to lose, anyway? Remember the fact that you did not enter any information when you downloaded the application so, even if it gets lost or stolen, no one can get anything from it, as in no one and nothing at all. Not even the most professional hacker can get into your account.

How about freedom? There is only one economic system that turns failures into power for accountability that makes freedom accessible. The free market, the Virie free market. It is here where you can find true freedom because it’s a system that encourages people, to be honest, and fair with each other, regardless of their successes and failures. Imagine a market system with freedom of communication that is perfect for the economic perspective and fairness. A system that allows us to freely communicate with everyone else without restrictions. The communication that takes place in this system is true and honest because the information that will be communicated and received will exhibit the users’ preference for the resources available in the market so, it has to be accurate.

The Virie Market also allows you the freedom of movement of monetary instruments. While it has its own financial instrument called Virie that is designed to be used universally for every transaction in the system, everything is convertible to Virie and Virie is convertible to anything. The transactions in the Virie Market takes only 5 to 15 minutes to process. Talking about the maximal simplicity of the transactions! And the interface of our application is guaranteed to be 100% user-friendly, you will be able to understand it immediately the first time you access it. As a final thought, the creators of the Virie Market value freedom above all else. This is what pushes them to further improve on the synthesis of technologies that this unique free market has and will ever have.


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