An Enormous Free Market that No One can Stifle – Virie

While there has never been any one person to be credited as the inventor of the internet, its mission is clear – to build a neutral network, where the participants have equal rights to build humanity. As it turned out, it became a massive success that large tech companies saw the opportunity to monetize what is supposed to be free. Today, every country in the world stifles the internet that kills online freedom around the world.

The fact that digital authoritarianism is happening, and governments demand to have access to their citizens’ data, it’s time that companies, individuals, and the governments as well, to come together to find a resolution against killing democracy over the internet. It’s time for a modern and sustainable digital market where no one can have access to any personal data to avoid fraud and violation of privacy. Where communication is not intercepted by any party that can limit any exchange of information. Where communications and transactions are stored in a blockchain system where no one can delete or block. A true internet platform where online freedom can be obtained by anyone. These should bring back the mission of the internet of providing equal rights to humanity.

And so, Virie Market was created. The first and only blockchain product that is useful and ready to use by anyone, including those who are not geeks. This alone is a clear indication that Virie Market is bringing online freedom back to everybody. It’s a decentralized virtual marketplace where anybody, regardless of the social status and technical know-how, can freely exchange anything for anything of value, from anywhere in the world. There are no taxes, tariffs, borders, no controlling process, whatsoever. No one can stifle it nor monopolize it. Everybody is free to claim the most awaited online freedom back. It has an added layer of security using modern cryptography, therefore no one can hack your transactions. You can remain anonymous when you are doing transactions in its escrow system, or on the whole platform, for that matter.

The Virie app has the most user-friendly interface in the market today that it won’t take you long to learn how to use it. You can do whatever you want to do with it in just a few clicks.

Here are some examples:

· Someone is selling a PlayStation VR from his home in Paris.

· Someone is buying electronic gadgets such as MacBook, iPad, iPhone, etc. from his home in Los Angeles.

· A Virtual Assistant from the Philippines can be paid by his employer from the UK.

· Someone from the US is sending money to his relative in Singapore.

· Someone who has been blocked in PayPal can receive his funds faster in Virie.

· Someone wants an exchange of Virie coins for USD from anywhere in the world.

These are just a few of the things you can do in Virie. There is still so much more you can do on this platform without any restrictions. You can even just let you Virie stay in your safe there as an investment, and the system will automatically mine for you, even if you are sleeping. This is true freedom in its purest form. Download the app here and see for yourself.


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