An Emerging Technology in the Payment Landscape has Arrived – Virie

As markets keep emerging, they also continuously open up opportunities for developments and innovations in technologies. Payments are a technology that is as dynamic as the markets and is already well established. Over the next few years, we will see much quicker transformations in the payments landscape as the growth of electronic payments and the advent of new market players continue to accelerate rapidly. Many predict that these emerging markets will be at the forefront of these transformations on payments.

The convergence and integration between e-commerce and downloadable software applications have fundamentally changed the payments infrastructure. While we still see that the current markets are still using cash in their payments, consumers are rapidly shifting to electronic and digital methods. Cryptocurrency payments are now being widely accepted in many countries, moving them away from cash faster than others. Markets are constantly innovating in the payments area, and we’re set to see even bigger innovations in these economies. Whatever way it is measured, whether by the volume or by value, the payments business in these emerging markets are massive and are expected to expand further in the next 10 years or so.

Traditionally dominated by banks, the payments business is now being transformed by non-bank players, especially in the digital space. These include start-up companies, technology companies, retailers, other players. Many entrepreneurs and consumers are finding their way to the decentralization of payment systems where there are no governing parties because it gives them more freedom and leverage in the competition. Amidst all these, a new and emerging technology in the payment landscape has arrived, Virie. Virie is not a payment system with a market. It is a payment system and a distributed exchange network with a very user-friendly payment system. Its technology is unique to all other payment systems because it uses the market instead of the markets using it.

Virie Market is a decentralized virtual marketplace with its own payment system. Its payment instrument, simply called Virie (VRE), is universally used within the market. VRE is exchangeable to everything, and everything is exchangeable to VRE, including goods, services, and currencies. Its payment system is the most user-friendly in the market today. The Virie platform is an all-in-one market that has everything of value. Anyone can do trading in the most convenient way possible as the payment is also done with the same platform. Trust is defined within the peer-to-peer network and not by obtaining personal information such as name, address, and telephone numbers, the way the usual payment infrastructure is.

Virie is expected to change the face of the modern payment landscape. Using the most advanced technologies of blockchain and cryptography, the users can ensure that the money they send to somebody who is in another location is safe and secure. All it takes is just a few clicks and a few minutes for the recipient to receive it. Click here to download and try it yourself.


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