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The news about YouTube’s fallacious removal of videos about cryptocurrencies has been surrounded by a lot of controversies. YouTube’s spokesperson denied the allegations about them intentionally removing cryptocurrency educational videos from channels such as BTC Sessions, ChrisDunnTV, Crypto Tips, and more, saying that it was a wrong call. He further stated that they haven’t changed any policy relating to cryptocurrency videos. But the owners of these videos are saying otherwise.

One of them is Chris Dunn of ChrisDunnTV. His YouTube channel is an investment education channel with 200,000 subscribers. He said that things have just gotten worse when he made an appeal for the deletions of his videos. Apparently, he and other channels that asked for the reinstatement of their videos like Coindesk and Cryptotips, still have a lot of their videos missing. Further to this, Dunn said that not all of his missing videos are crypto-related yet, they were cited as harmful or dangerous content and sale of unregulated goods.

As of the time of writing, videos deleted by YouTube are growing fast well over a hundred and more. The cryptocurrency community is challenging this decision. The host of the CryptoTrader show on CNBC Africa Ran Neuner said that these deletions are a big blow in the cryptocurrency industry. YouTube is the go-to platform for educational videos, especially those who are new in the industry and want to learn the basics. While Google and YouTube have not offered any clear explanation about the reasons for the deletions, everyone can recall their cryptocurrency advertising ban in 2018. For whatever reason, there may be, this recent act from is causing a call for a better alternative.

This may be the best time for the crypto community to find a platform that no one can censor. All these decentralization from big tech companies such as Google and YouTube control the freedom of expression of the industry, and it’s not helping at all. It’s time for everyone to look at decentralized blockchain platforms where true freedom is valued. One that is censorship-resistant such as the new up and coming Virie Market. Right now, its main function is as a virtual marketplace, but the possibility is endless. The creators of the project aim to further develop it after crowdfunding, hence the possibility of it being a social media platform as well for crypto content creators may be present.

Virie Market is an amazing blockchain platform that no one can censor. The fact that it runs through a peer-to-peer network eliminates any threats of having any transactions removed or deleted. While YouTube or Google has the sole discretion to terminate users who are no longer commercially viable, or in short, those who don’t bring them money anymore, this will never happen to Virie. Users are free to buy and sell anything of value within the platform, and they can continue doing so as long as they want and as long as they can. They make money among themselves, and for every transaction, Virie charges the lowest one-time fee in the market today. With Virie, freedom is the keyword. With Virie, freedom is the keyword. Download it here and prove it yourself.


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