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To build a better world, we all must be brave enough to have a radically new vision, and the courage to make a new start. Economic freedom is as valuable as life itself because it’s a vital element of our dignity, autonomy, and empowerment. But to be able to achieve it, we must remove the obstacles that keep hampering our path as created by fellow humans representing big institutions and governments. The keyword that defines economic freedom is decentralization, where power is equally distributed to individuals who are not manipulated by any entities.

The foundations of economic freedom are (1) personal choice, (2) protection of properties and people from any form of hostilities from others, (3) the ability to freely exchange in the markets, and (4) the freedom to enter and compete in the markets. Individuals have economic freedom when the properties they have acquired in good deeds are protected from any fraud, theft, or invasion by others, and they are free to use, exchange, or give their property on the premise that their actions don’t violate the same rights of others. They are free to compete, choose, communicate, and trade with others in a free market.

All of these are exactly what Virie Market is all about. It’s a unique decentralized virtual marketplace created by people, for the people. Its creators value freedom most of all, hence all the foundations of economic freedom are achievable within it. Here’s how it works.

Personal choice

Due to the decentralized structure of the Virie Market, everyone is free to choose which currency you want to use for your transactions, choose which commodities you want to exchange, choose who to conduct transactions with, free to choose an alias, etc. Essentially, you’re free to choose anything you want to do within ethical standards.

Protection of properties and people

· Virie Market has a built-in escrow system that serves as the mediator of trust between two people who are buying and selling a property. Since there are no third-party brokers or intermediaries, both the buyer and the seller have to deposit a pledge that will be forfeited if any of them violate the agreement. This ensures that both the property and the people involved in the transaction are protected.

· Virie Market has a hybrid protocol of both Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS). A hacker needs to have 51% of each to be able to infiltrate in the system, making it absolutely impossible for him to malign the users, their properties, and their money.

· All transactions are untraceable and unlinkable. Nobody can prove that a transaction was sent by any given user, and nobody can prove that a transaction was sent to any given user.

· No personal information and data are required to use the platform, which completely eliminates the threat of identity theft and other scams. All you have to do is download the application, and that’s it.

Freely exchange in the markets

· Freelance remote workers will be able to sell their services, freely communicate with their clients directly, and receive their payments without deductions from fees and commissions in just a matter of minutes.

· Companies and individual clients can post projects and hire talents through the platform, freely communicate with them directly, and send their payments without additional charges for commissions and fees in just a matter of minutes.

· Anyone from any part of the world can freely buy or sell anything to and from anywhere in the world without additional or hidden charges, and with the lowest fee ever.

Freedom to compete in the market

Since the Virie Market is decentralized, there is no monopoly, which allows everyone to produce more quality products at reasonable prices so they can keep up with the competition. Such an ecosystem ensures that everyone is given equal rights to be the best that they can be.

My final thought

If people really want to achieve economic freedom, then they will definitely find it in Virie Market.Achieving economic freedom is adding more value to your own life as a whole. The best time to start working on it is now. Not tomorrow, not the day after, but now. Read the full details about this unique free market in the whitepaper, and test the platform yourself by downloading it here to begin your journey to economic freedom.


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