A Superior and Unique Market is Now Ready to Change the World (Part 2)

I’ve previously written an article about the Virie Market being a superior and unique market that is now ready to change the entire world. I’ve written about some of its features such as the blockchain technology, escrow system, and cryptography. But that was barely scratching the surface so, I’ve decided to write a part 2 where I will discuss some more of the Virie Market’s features, proving that it is indeed ready for the entire world to use.

As a quick background, Virie Market is a unique decentralized virtual marketplace that runs through a peer to peer network. Anyone can exchange anything for anything of value, using any currency they want, with anyone anywhere in the world, where there are internet and electricity. As it is, there is no governing third party or institution that monitors and controls the transactions. Generally speaking, the Virie Market is a trading platform for anything of value, such as goods, services, and currencies.

Now, to more features of Virie Market.


Virie Market uses modern cryptography in ensuring the privacy of the transactions. Nobody would have any way of proving that a transaction was sent by a user, thus, making it completely untraceable. Alternatively, it is impossible to prove that two outgoing transactions were sent to the same person, thus, making them completely unlinkable. Using ring signatures ensures the untraceability of the transactions while using stealth addresses ensures that the transactions are unlinkable.


Virie Market has implemented its own Proof-of-Stake protocol to ensure the safety of the transactions, as well as the optimality and versatility of resource consumption. This enables the users to mine using their coins. It’s similar to a bank deposit where the account holder earns an annual interest rate. With Virie, users can earn by simply holding their money inside their digital wallets. The difference between holding your money in the bank and the digital wallet is that the money in the bank cannot withstand inflationary pressures, while the money in the digital wallet can.


With Virie Market, users can register using an alias, which is a human-readable name linked with a payment address and text comment. It provides a short name that is easy to remember instead of a long and confusing ring of random characters. These aliases are stored in the blockchain to ensure that they are not altered or hijacked. Registering with an alias is a special kind of transaction that includes a record of an alias assignment. It’s validated through the core of the system to check if the name is available. Once validated, it will then go to the blockchain, and a new record will show in the alias database. These aliases can be used for multiple transactions. It’s like a decentralized address book with universal IDs that can be used for different services in the Virie platform.

There you have it. The Virie Market has numerous unique and superior features that just show how ready it is for the entire world to use. Just download and install it here, and you’re all set!


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