A Superior and Unique Market is Now Ready to Change the World

While many have attempted, this is the first time that a blockchain product has been successfully completed, and is now ready to change the world in more ways than one. The Virie Market is a daring step into the world of free digital exchange of goods and services. After many years of investing and testing, the creators of Virie Market have finally completed the first and only business product that is ready to use by anybody, including those who are not internet savvies.

What is Virie Market?

The Virie Market is a unique platform of a decentralized virtual marketplace (Distributed Exchange Network). It allows users to publish offers of goods and services that are all available for searching and viewing. Any user can publish offers and respond to any other offers posted on the platform. The Virie Market is also a currency exchange platform that allows trading of any currencies, both fiat, and cryptocurrencies. It also has its financial instrument simply called Virie (VRE), which is designed to be universally used in every transaction in the market. Everything is convertible to Virie and Virie is convertible to everything.

How ready is the Virie Market for the entire world?

The developers have used state of the art technologies that are proven reliable and effective, to ensure that all known problems of similar projects are overcome before it was launched. Some of them are these:


By using the blockchain technology, all transactions and communications in Virie are fully secured. They are digitally signed to ensure that it’s security, decentralization, and transparency from the possibility of any interruption, corruption, and/or tampering of data, are kept intact. The ledger itself and all transactions recorded in it is of high integrity. Any information that is stored in the blockchain is impossible to remove. The technology of blockchain enables all participants to arrive at an agreement, also known as consensus. Every single data that the blockchain holds is digitally recorded and contains a history that is common to all participants within the network. This eliminates any possibility of fraud or replication of transactions without a need for a third-party.


The Virie Market uses the escrow technology but without a third-party escrow provider. The market itself is an escrow system. It uses a three-round protocol without any direct connection between participants. It guarantees that the transactions are secured and cannot be controlled, or altered by anyone, including the system’s developers. It follows the economic principle that everybody has to play fair to be able to maximize profits. Both participants make additional deposits that they can forfeit should there be any contravention of the rules. Transaction templates are digitally signed and encrypted before it is attached to the transaction field, which guarantees transactions and protects the interest of both the buyers and the seller.


Virie uses modern cryptography that ensures that the transactions are untraceable and unlinkable. Nobody can prove that a transaction was sent by any given user therefore, it is untraceable. It uses rings of signatures to ensure that the transactions are untraceable. It is impossible to prove that two outgoing transactions were sent to the same person therefore, it is unlinkable.

These and a lot more other technologies and features make the Virie Market ready for the entire world. Just download the application and install it, and that’s all. The application itself has a very user-friendly interface, the users don’t necessarily have to be a techie to start using it. All transactions take only 5 to 15 minutes to process. Using Virie and Virie Market will be everyone’s way to support the global free exchange of goods, services, currencies, and freedom in general. Download it here.


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