A Journey to the Moon!

Greetings of a wonderful start of the week to you all!

Today, I will take you to a journey in space. Sounds exciting? Yes, it is indeed! The photo below is called a rocket made by the SpaceX company owned by no other than billionaire business magnate Elon Musk.

On September 17th, Elon announced that Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, an entrepreneur and art collector, also the owner of Zozotown, Japan's largest online retail store, will fly to the moon riding this awesome rocket called Big Falcon Rocket or BFR.

This rocket was built using a 40-foot-long, 30-foot-wide cylindrical tool which served as its main body. Musk's vision is to launch the spaceship into orbit and refuel it while it circles Earth. Then the ship can fire up its engines, fly through space, land on Mars, and later rocket off of that planet and return to Earth. Because it's designed to be 100% reusable the system will supposedly be able to do all of this many times. A reusable spacecraft? The first of its kind!

The goal is for it to first launch on 2023 where Maezawa will be the first passenger. That project will be called "dearMoon". Right now though, they are still completing the construction of this rocket. There is an estimated total cost of 5 billion US dollars to complete it! Whoa! That's a lot of money! But this could be the beginning of people's exploration to the space. Apparently, Elon's aim is to make it affordable to the public.

If that happens, traveling will be brought to a much higher level. Instead of a tour to Paris or Rome, we would have the chance of traveling to Space. Perhaps, have a stop over to the moon and Mars. Get up close and personal with the stars and perhaps have some selfies in the milky way! Oh that will be exciting!

That said, are you coming with me to space? I'll see you there then...


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