A Journey to Forever...

Welcome once again to another breathtaking journey to the unknown or shall I say to our next step to the unknown? On my very first post here, I have discussed about death and how it can be avoided thru technological means. How it is possible to live forever based on scientific experiments that are going on and on some predictions by the experts. If you missed it, please revisit here:

Today, we will discuss it further but this time, on a slightly different perspective. Some of you might be scared of the fact that soon, we will be digitized and that is something that I want you to reconsider. I know that you must have been thinking that these experiments being made by large corporations may have an underlying interest, to gain profit. But what if there is a group of ordinary people whose only motive is to create a better world for humanities? A better planet for all of us? And yes, immortality.

Unbelievable? Or not? Yes, humans with pure intentions still do exist. These are those who remain incognito because they don't have any vested interest in aiming to bring us to a world where we can live forever. A world that's full of life, peace and harmony. A world that can make the physical world rehabilitate because of lesser consumption of resources. A world that promises us being together forever with people we love most. A world where passion for violence by some people will be avoided because there will be a separate world for them and so much more that it may take me forever too to list them all down here.

Okay now, hush! Don't be excited yet. The process and horsepower capacity necessary to create an authentic Virtual World are still missing. They still need to connect the internet, blockchain technology, virtual reality, and the engineering solutions for digitization of human beings. These are the key properties for eternal and continuous data storage, information persistence and unforgetability and equivalence of blockchain copy. You'll say that I said it's happening yet there are these obstacles.

Like in anything, there will always be obstacles of course. Life itself is not a bed of roses, right? Albeit, they are already in the process of removing obstacles hence the goal is to have this Virtual World available for us in the next 15 to 25 years. Right now, it is important that we keep watch of the progress because once it's already made available for us, all of those who want to live in that world will technically be a shareholder. Does the sound of owning a piece of that world appeal to you?

If you are not convinced yet, please continue reading my posts here as I will keep on uncovering what lies underneath and what promises are to be fulfilled into bringing us into a world we may all been dreaming of. A world where we can life forever or as long as we want.

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