A Guarantee of True Freedom with Virie

During the conception and birth of the internet, people had seen high hopes that the world would turn into a digital utopia where there would be a shared network of domains and servers that are individually owned and equal participation of the participants. The primary concept of the web was that it was supposed to be decentralized, where true freedom and equality can be achieved. But human nature dictated that freedom was a lesser concern to them than the deriving value from this neutral fabric. So, they’ve started to build centralized services, which collect, trap, and monetize information.

In today’s digital age and a population of over 7 billion, centralization has become rampant. Every country in the world now stifles the internet, and the debates continue as to who should control the internet. An exact contrary to the main objective of the internet, which is to be decentralized, where every individual has the freedom and equality in everything that they do online. Every single entity one can think of, including certain individuals, keeps thriving to gain control over the internet. In most cases, they even join forces to stifle the internet, including governments, organizations, and individual authorities around the world. The threats to innovation and control of the internet that the organizations do are often supported by the actions of their government or even the lack of it.

The only way to guarantee freedom in this digital age is through a decentralized peer-to-peer network system. The simplest definition of decentralization is that it’s a process where there is equal distribution of powers, functions, people, or things without a central authority or location. To simplify it further, it’s a process where we have more control over our lives and freedom, both in the real world and in the online world. This is exactly what Virie Market is all about. The Virie Market entries are non-editable and non-erasable as opposed to some common platforms such as, for example, eBay or Amazon. Moderation is totally impossible on Virie Market. There is no centralization, nobody can block or shut down this market. Hacking is also impossible. Privacy is fully guaranteed.

The issue of guaranteeing transactions has been resolved by utilizing the escrow system, which cannot be controlled or altered by anyone, including the system’s developers. The Virie Market’s escrow system is decentralized, which means that it's not controlled by anyone. There is not a need for a third party to handle any escrow account, thus, making it more cost-efficient. It will just be the buyer, the seller, and the escrow account. Despite unregulated markets being perceived for fraud and lack of security, Virie's Escrow System adds another layer of security, which guarantees that virtual transactions are fraud-resistant. There is no potential of falling under a fraudulent third party organization because the transactions are direct, and not managed by anyone else but the account owner.

As a final thought, the creators of the Virie Market value freedom above all else. This is what pushes them to further improve on the synthesis of technologies that this unique free market has and will ever have. To know more about it, click here.


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