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Virie Market will change the way we knew convenience.

The rise of the e-commerce industry has produced the most popular buying and selling platforms, such as Amazon and eBay. Over time, more and more people are drawn into them because of the convenience that they bring. From the buyer’s perspective, it saves them the hassle of traveling to a brick and mortar store. All they have to do is sit in front of their computer or use their mobile phones in placing their order, and in a matter of a few days, they will already receive it. That is how convenient it is to shop from an online store.

On the other hand, from the seller’s perspective, the name Amazon or eBay is advertisement enough to attract millions of customers. It saves them the hassle of doing a separate advertising campaign, which makes it utterly convenient for them. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. Despite the convenience that we knew about these markets, they are either restrictive or dangerous for both buyers and sellers. For one, they can either shut down or block your buying or selling account, if you don’t follow a certain set of rules that are most of the time, irrational.

Then, depending on your geographical location, you may not even create an account in the first place. If you will be able to create an account, you will be bombarded with tons of information and personal data you need to submit as requirements. And even if you did create an account, in some cases, they don’t even ship certain items in your location. I have experienced this many times before, and it was frustrating. They also control what products can be bought or sold in their platforms. They also don’t allow for liquid cash flow because of their restrictions on their pay-out cycles. It takes about two weeks before you can have access to your funds.

And because these are third-party platforms, the sellers have to take into consideration the commission so, products are more expensive. Looking at it from the bird’s eye view, it’s quite unfortunate that this is the convenience that we knew, when in fact, there are more inconveniences than conveniences. It’s time that we change the way we knew convenience and find a market that is not only convenient to use for buying and selling but also doesn’t have these drawbacks, the Virie Market.It’s a decentralized virtual marketplace where you can create as many accounts that you want but they will never be shut down nor blocked since there are is no governing party that sets rules.

Virie Market doesn’t have any geographical limitations. You can use it for buying and selling anywhere in the world where there are internet and electricity. Creating an account doesn’t require any personal information. Just download the application, and you’re good to go. For more detailed instructions, access the guide here. You can buy and sell whatever you want using whatever currency you want in any part of the world. There are absolutely no restrictions as long as they are of value. Shipping an item depends on the agreement by both parties and is processed through its safe and secure escrow system.

Virie Market doesn’t take any commissions so, if you’re a seller, your earnings are all yours, and if you’re a buyer, you can buy the products at a much cheaper price. Your cash flow remains liquid since there are no pay-out cycles. Once your product is sold and the buyer paid, you will receive your funds immediately. And if you’re worried about the security, don’t! Virie Market uses advanced blockchain technology and modern cryptography to ensure that all transactions are safely untraceable and unlinkable. Essentially, Virie Market is yours. No banks nor governments to restrict your freedom of buying, selling, and more importantly, your financial freedom. Now, that is what I call convenience! Download it now and prove that it will change the way you knew convenience.


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