A Breakthrough on Trading Platform Technology – Virie Market

When you search online for the definition of a trading platform, you will find different answers. Some will say that it’s a software used by forex exchanges to process currency exchanges, some will say that it’s a software used for stocks exchanges to process stocks trading, some will say it’s a software used by online stores to process trading of goods and services, and many more definition specifying a particular trade product. That’s because there are different types of trading platforms, and each caters to a specific product. Currencies for forex, stocks for stock exchanges, goods, and services for e-commerce platforms, etc. But there are two things that they have in common, they all use software and a broker (or a third-party) to process their transactions.

Amid all these trading platforms operating the way they are traditional, is an emerging market that can be considered a breakthrough in the trading platform technology, the Virie Market. It doesn’t just cater to one product. It’s an all in one trading platform for internet stores, all types of markets including currencies and stocks, and all other commercial enterprises. And since it has a decentralized structure where transactions are processed in a peer to peer network, it doesn’t use any third party nor a broker. This alone makes it a safe and secure platform because third parties go through a lot of networks, and systems that make them open for fraud, thus, not having third parties is safer.

Albeit this, Virie has added a second layer of security with its embedded payment and fraud-resistant systems. Using blockchain technology, all transactions are untraceable and unlinkable, meaning, no one will be able to trace or link any transaction, therefore, it will be extremely difficult to hack it. To avoid any fraudulent activities, where fraudsters produce identical public keys and outputs to create identical IDs to that of a user, the indexing feature of Virie tracks the uniqueness of each multisig ID.

The multi-signature or simply multisig function of Virie is extremely useful, as well as essential, for issuing secure payments. For example, it allows a user to hold their coins in a 2 of 2 multisig where both keys belong to the same user but are stored in different devices. This means that the user gains a two-factor authentication mechanism, which protects their wallet from a single key compromise. The developers of Virie innovated the multisig function of this platform to consolidate the creation of transactions and have signing in more user-friendly and to develop a key and output the indexing structure of Virie.

Truly, the Virie Market is a breakthrough in trading platform technology. The first and only all in one trading platform that has embedded payment and fraud-resistant systems, Virie is something to watch out for. The only similar feature of Virie from other trading platforms is that it is also a downloadable software that is ready to download and install anytime here.


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