13 Reasons Why Virie Market is the Most Promising Exchange in 2020

Virie Market is quickly catching the attention of many people all around the world now. The long-awaited Virie project is now up and running and ready to change the face of how we see freedom in the digital world today. Everyone is now curious and excited to download it so that they can experience the pleasure that it brings for themselves. If you are curious too, here are 13 reasons why Virie Market is the most promising exchange in 2020 and beyond.

1. Virie Market is decentralized

Virie Market is a decentralized virtual marketplace. This means it is a platform for people who want to build business relationships directly with each other through a peer-to-peer network system that is not controlled by any institutions, banks, or governments.

2. Virie has the most-user friendly platform

It’s so pleasurable to work on Virie’s platform. One doesn’t have to be a geek to use it. In just a few clicks, your transactions are all set in just a matter of 5 to 15 minutes.

3. It’s the first of its kind

Virie Market is an all-in-one market, and it’s the first of its kind. Everything is exchangeable for anything of value, including goods, services, and currencies.

4. Hacking is impossible in Virie Market

Unlike other exchanges that use only Proof of Work protocol (PoW), Virie uses a hybrid parity protocol of both Proof of Work and Proof of Stake (PoS). An attacker would have to hold 51% of hash rate and 51% of all coins at the same time making it, absolutely impossible for hacking.

5. Virie guarantees privacy

Virie uses modern cryptography to ensure that all transactions are untraceable and unlinkable.

6. Anonymity is vital in Virie Market

Unlike other platforms, there is no requirement for users to provide any personal information such as name, address, and telephone number when using Virie.

7. Nobody can shut down Virie Market

As there is no centralization, nobody can shut down or block Virie Market.

8. Virie is not a payment system with a market

Virie is a market with a very user-friendly payment system. It’s an instrument to use the market, not vice versa.

9. Virie’s crowdfunding campaign is unique

Other crowdfunding campaigns failed because they have conducted it while the project was not finished yet. Virie’s crowdfunding is unique because it’s the first time that a campaign will be conducted for a project that is already finished.

10. Virie has the lowest payment fees

Virie has the lowest payment fees among all other payment systems. A regular fee per transaction is only 0.001 VRE and only 0.01 for premium.

11. Virie is available in any part of the world

Anyone who has internet and electricity can use Virie Market anywhere in the world.

12. Mining coins don’t need miners

Mining coins has never been this easy. You don’t have to pay for a miner anymore to do the mining for you. The system will automatically do it for you, you’ll be surprised.

13. Virie’s source code is open to all

Everyone is encouraged to look at the source code. Just download it here and you’re all set!


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